Chainmail notebook cover - Finnabair Ambassador

Moikka! It's Friday and weekend starts soon! This piece is special to me in two ways - first that it made an appearance in the Finnabair Ambassador Cafe and it's made for a member of my favorite band. I'm also giving this away this weekend when I'm attending a heavy metal festival at Tampere. 

The topic of the Cafe is this time "my journey". The ambassadors got to choose whether they interpret the theme as their personal journey or how they create on the go. Please visit Finn's blog (link) to see how each one interpret the theme

Like I write in the Cafe post, I don't create that much when I'm on a vacation and on the go. If I'm travelling for a workshop I naturally create the class sample and sometimes even something extra, but if I'm on vacation with the family, I rarely even have any craft supplies with me. I guess if I'd be on the go for weeks and weeks I would need something to let the creativity flow. Then an art journal would be something to have with me.

What I do pack with to a vacation is an album or even a paper bag to gather the ephemera from that trip. My favorite thing nowadays is a box styled minialbum, like this one I made for London (link) or this I used when attending Finnabair's classes for the first time (link). The box allows me to add all the things to one place and the album catches the impressions I have the moment I have them - during the trip.

But now for the project. It's a part of a series of some sort. It all started with a big warrior canvas (link), continued with an altered violin (link) and then another canvas, black and white heart (link). They all are pieces I've created inspired by Turisas and especially one of their gig posters (link). What the pieces also have in common is that each of them is given to a member of the band. This journal is for Jesper Anastasiadis, the bass player of the band.

The inspiration for this cover came from the chainmail on the gig poster. The texture transformed to the can opener tabs in my mind and so I purchased several openers from the local recycling center. When adhered close to one another they created a lovely texture that reminds me of the chainmail. First I thought to adhere the pieces layered on top of each other but the texture looked better this way. 

I wanted to keep the texture of the openers as visible as possible, but the cover seemed to need at least something. So I added a couple more embellishments to finish the cover, a couple of gears, a bottle cap and also a star. 

The dark background is done with black gesso, then there's Impasto paint on top, the turquoise, and then I added the metallic shine on top using the metallic waxes. I also added some "oil splashes" to the cover by mixing black alcohol ink, Soft Gloss Gel and black glitter. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the weekend! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Feather ATCs - Prima Marketing

Hello! Have you seen the little Instagram video already (link)? It shows the background of these ATCs before I added the embellishments on top. If you haven't seen it yet, please visit the link I attached above! As you can see from that the backgrounds of these cards are made with black gesso, Impasto and Art Alchemy Metallique paints. The base is a playing card and there's some stamping, too. 

I really love the feather design of the Rose Quartz collection! I made a set of ATCs before with it (link) but I liked those so much that I needed to take another go with them. This time I didn’t make just one set but actually two! They are all made the same way, but the six of them are divided to two sets – “air” and “fly”. You can see the letters from the playing cards I used as my background showing through. 

Normally all my ATCs are up for grabs and swaps, but these all have a new home already. They were promised to a friend even before I started working on them as I couldn't give her the other set I made. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a sweet Thursday! 

Materials from Prima Marketing:

592950 - Rose Quartz 12x12 Collection Kit 
992255 – Wild and Free Everyday You 
585440 – Rossibelle 6x6 Collection Kit 
961893 – Messy Cling Stamp 
960964 – Book Cling Stamp
962968 – Black Gesso  
964566 – Impasto Paint Raspberry Pink 

963217 – Art Alchemy Metallic Pink Blush 
586980 – Rossibelle Druzy Stones 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Regal angel - Prima Marketing

Are you like me – you like Iron Orchid Design things but don’t have a home to decorate with them? What I mean that the style doesn’t fit your home but you still like the product. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please see here (link) on Prima's site. The products have an air of the days gone and reminiscent Baroque and Rococo embellishments in furniture and art. The range includes moulds, stamps and huge transfer images.

Although the products are made home decor in mind, they are perfect for cardmaking and papercrafts as well! You can use the molds to make pretty embellishments to any kind of project and if you pick your stamps right, you can use those, too! The sets are really big so you get a lot of variety! 

For this card I used “Laurel” stamp set and used several stamps from it. I used the script for the background, then I made some golden details using the crown and the bee stamps – the gold comes from the Art Alchemy paint. And finally I stamped the label style design to a piece of transparency and used that as a layered embellishment.

Thank you for buzzing by today! Have a great day! 

Materials from Prima Marketing:

815455 – IOD Décor Stamps Laurel 
814816 – IOD Mold Baroque 5 
815004 – 10x12” Acrylic Block 
847777 – Vintage Memories 
990220 – The Archivist Le facons Dont Je T’Aime 
992255 – Wild and Free Everyday You 
569518 – School Memories Brads 
963408 – Mechanicals Grungy Butterflies 
587345 – Rossibelle SIIC 
962968 – Black Gesso 
963057 – Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Metallic Ancient Coin


Tea bag - 7 Dots Studio

I'm a bad ambassador... Oh my. Just realized that I haven't blogged my take on the June challenge of 7 Dots Studio and the challenge is already closed! So sorry. But luckily you a) could see the project in the company's own blog when the challenge was announced (link) and b) can join the wonderful July challenge! What a great theme it has - " My Hero" (link)

The theme for the June challenge was "daily routines", a fascinating subject as those everyday moments flee so quickly and usually are underrated compared to celebrations and big life events. But what the life mostly is is the everyday things and the daily routines can be extremely inspiring. 

I have many daily routines and I’m a kind of routine lover. I love when I know what to do and when and that the everyday life is rolling. When thinking of a project to represent a daily routine I first thought about altering a tea cup but then decided to do a “tea bag”. Ha ha, pun intended! 

Tea is something I drink daily. Weekends start with a cup of tea, creating starts with a cup of tea and I usually end my day with a cup, too. I’m usually in too much of a hurry to drink a cup during the workday but sometimes I treat myself with a cuppa there, too. The soft tones of “Dreamscapes” fit the project perfectly. 

Thank you for your visit today! Please share your routine if you feel like it  - I would love to hear! 


Homegrown: Clear stamps

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Ranger


Julie Nutting brush - Prima Marketing

Hello there and happy Sunday! How's your weekend been? Crafty, I hope! I've been doing several projects today and feeling good to have stuff done and some crafty time. It's been some time when I last crafted and I really need it. Luckily the summer vacation started and I have a bit more time. 

Here's a brush I made for a Michaels post tomorrow. I belong to a team that makes little projects with the mediums that are now available from Michaels. You can see their Finnabair selection here (link). In this little piece I used Art Basics Mixed Media Essentials, Micro Beads and Patina Paste Set as well as one of the Julie Nutting girls that's also available from Michaels (link)

The project is done on top of a brush and the coloring is done with watercolors beside the Patina Paste. Micro Beads add a little bit of texture and bling to the brush. 

Thank you for stopping by today and have a great start to the new week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


My friend outwits me - Finnabair Ambassador

Moikka! Happy weekend to you all! First things first - let's announce a winner of the giveaway (link) and hint that a new one is coming really soon! So keep you eyes open! 

I had a giveaway here in my blog for a new Sizzix die as I by mistake got two angels (link). If you want to see the new dies I got and see what kind of angel I had for the giveaway and what was the first project  did with the die, please see the post linked before. But now for the winner - congratulations enkulin käsityöt! The winner was raffled using random.org. Please send me your mail address and I'll post the die to you! Ja sama suomeksi - onnea enkulin käsityöt! Laita minulle osoitteesi tulemaan sähköpostilla niin postitan stanssin sinulle.

But what I share today is a piece I did for Prima Marketing booth in the Mixed Media summer show. This was to show the new Impasto paints. They are really thick bodied acrylic paints with vibrant pigments. If you want to learn more about them, here's a link to Finnabair's blog, to the video section (link).

In the canvas I wanted to show the versatility of the paints. I mixed some with Soft Gloss Gel and created acrylic washes for the background but also used them as they are to create the dimensional paint textures. To have a little bit more to the canvas I added some handwritten details to it, made a sort of title with a book page clipping and added two men out of a Finnabair ephemera pack.

If you happen to be in the show and see the canvas in real life, please say it hello from me! I've spotted it at least here (link) in Denny's Instagram account

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Saturday! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Teippitarha


Glitter butterflies - Sizzix

First things first - have you entered the GIVEAWAY? There's only hours left to do so! Here's the link that takes you to the right post (link). Oh and talking about giveaways, can you remember the huge giveaway Sizzix had? The winners are announced and you can find them here (link). Please check if you see yours or your friends name!

But back to these fluttering ATCs. I took part in an ATC exchange and made these for that. I recorded a little video while working if you want to see how they were made. 

As you can see from the video, I made a monoprinted background and then used dies to decorate the cards. What you can also see is that working with dies is super fast! Most part of the video I'm doing the background and when I get to the die cutting part, the cards finish in no time! 

As the theme of the swap was summer and mixed media, I wanted to make a background of my own and use something fun as the focal point as well. The butterfly I had suited the purpose perfectly and who doesn't like some glitter? It's like glistening waves or the dew drops on summer grass. Or then just flicker of the sun through the branches. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the weekend! 

Dies used: 

657094 - Sizzlitz Die Set Decorative Frames

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Talens, Wow Embossing Powders, 7 Dots Studio

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