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Sweet Sunday! How's your weekend been? I've been having a crafty weekend and we also visited an interesting exhibition today so I'm ready for the new week!

Here's a little something I created fro Prima showing the Opal Magic paints. If you are familiar with Opal Magic Mica, you probably have some idea how the paints work, too. But where as you get one color with the Opal Magic Mica, you get two in the paints! You can see the original post with more awesome projects here (link) at Prima blog

I really love the effect of the Opal Magic paints. Even if I have used them a hundred times I’m still always amazed by the effect they create and most of all the magic! I also am drawn to their different look - one on white and one on black.

To illustrate that color changing magic even more I created two cards using exactly the same paints and most of the other supplies, too. The big difference is the color of the base – one I painted with black gesso the other with white. 

If you'd like to see in a few short steps how the cards are made, please see the tutorial below. Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a pleasant week! 

Step 1) First, make your composition using some Prima blooms and embellishments. Use a piece of watercolor paper as your background. Adhere everything with gel medium and let dry.

Step 2) Paint the cards with gesso. Use black for the other and white for the other.

Step 3) Then apply the paints. See how different the cards look and they are both done with same paints! On white surface the Opal Magic is a romantic, pearly shine and on top black it bursts into color!

Step 4) Finish your cards with some additional details. Lace and crystals for the sweet look and Glass Beads and crystals for the metal look. Use a slightly bigger piece of patterned paper to mount the cards.


963668 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Pink Blue 
963644 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Violet Green 
963606 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Blue Yellow 
847739 – 8x8 Watercolor Paper Pad 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
961459 – Heavy Gesso Black 
583262 – Norma (resin faces) 
590024 – Flower Bundle White 
PE-067-41/1P – Light Grey 100 pcs 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
960346 – Mechanicals Washers 1 
963323 – Melangé Art Pebbles 
583026 – Trim Plumeria 
961688 – Glass Beads Licorice 
991579 – Sweet Peppermint SIIC 
847784 – Rossibelle 12x12 Nostalgic 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Playtime with wax - Finnabair Brand Ambassador

Hi there! I'm sorry for my absence this week! There's been a lot going on sort of "behind the scenes" so I haven't had the time to write and time the posts. So sorry! 

But today I wanted to share this little canvas with you. It actually started as a demo sample way back last year but I kept it as I thought I might finish it someday. It was originally white but when I had the privilege to get some Finn waxes, I grabbed black gesso and created a little playground for myself.

On top if the black base I then started to play with the Opal Magic and Antique Brilliance waxes and added a couple of touches with the Metallics as well. This was my first go with the waxes so I was kind of just getting the feel of them. But slightly tested their abilities, too, with the stenciling and the different textures.

Hopefully you've had a wonderful day so far! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Materials: Prima Marketing


Pen jar - 7 Dots Studio

Hello there and good evening! Hopefully you've had a wonderful day! It's Wednesday already and not long before the weekend starts. If you are looking for something fun to do during the weekend, 7 Dots Studio has a new challenge! The topic is "altered art, beyond the page" this time. So this time no cards or layouts as such, but more dimensional projects. You can create canvas, piece of home decor or some jewelry - your only limit is your imagination!  Here's the link to the challenge post (link). I really urge you to take a look as there's so many great pieces there! Also the challenge rules are there.

My first idea was to alter something and go really mixed media with it. But as that’s what I love to do, I thought to challenge myself a bit more and go with a lighter hand with the mediums. Surprised? I was. But it's good to challenge oneself occasionally.

Luckily I then found a tall tin jar in my stash and thought to make a pen holder out of it. That way I could use more patterned paper and embellishments and not so much mediums! Something altered and something handy in same package. As you can see, I did use some mediums, but tried to use quite a few paper elements as well.

Thank you for stopping by today! Can’t wait to see what you do with the theme! 


Thought’s Keeper – No 2 
Illumination – Clear stamps 1 

Um Wow Studio – Fortune-teller mask

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder


A Grateful Heart - Prima Marketing

Hi there and great Monday! How's your week started? It's such a spring weather here in Finland nowadays - sunshine in one second and snowing the next! But it's definitely getting lighter and warmer so spring is on its way!

This layout is something I created for CHA and sent in for the Prima booth. I remember seeing it in the booth videos. The layout is done using the Rose Quartz collection (link). It's a really cool collection, quite a modern one.

As the collection has a modern feel to it, I wanted to give the layout the same feel. I tried to keep it interesting and somewhat minimal, but still showing off the collection. The fun circular shapes are cut from a patterned paper and sewn to the background. Besides those, I used Art Alchemy acrylic paints in the background.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons


Just You - Prima Marketing

How you are doing? Today I was keeping a workshop in Seinäjoki, so much fun! If you are looking for a workshop with me, please check the sidebar as there's a list of the announced workshops. There's quite a few in Finland, but also abroad like the upcoming mini Art Venture in France in Version Scrap! More about that here (link) in an older blog post.

This layout is done with IOD products. Although they may seem to be more for the home decorator, they can be used in a number of ways! I’m not much of a home decorator myself and even if I would be, we have quite a different style home than the IOD products. But as a scrapbooker I see the big stamps really handy for making backgrounds for pages! In this layout I used two different sets, a big fleur-de-lis stamp from other and smaller details from another, but you could pattern the whole paper with the stamps. Just use the rosette like multiple times or go for a striped look with the long wines. Just stamps, inks and a whole lot of white paper and you could do numerous patterned papers!

Besides the beautiful stamps, I also used one other IOD product in this page. If you look really carefully, you can spot an embellishment done with the décor molds in my page. It's underneath the sticker on the left side of the photo.

Have a great start to the new week! See you soon! And hopefully in real life as well! Ta ta for now! 


814342 – Décor Clear Stamp Fleur 
814335 – Décor Clear Stamp Louis 
814793 – Vintage Art Décor Mould Baroque 3 
592950 – Rose Quartz 12x12 Paper pad 
992118 – Love Clippings 4x6 Journaling Notecards 
992095 – Love Clippings 6x6 Collection Kit 
587420 – 3D Wood Alphas 1” House 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Wonder - Prima Marketing

Sweet Saturday! There’s many wonders in the world and it’s always a great idea to stop and marvel them. Here's a layout I created some time ago using some of the Christine Adolph products in it. And the best part is that it comes with a video! 

This page is about a little wonder, a teeny tiny frog we encountered in a castle garden in Berlin. To give the layout a garden like atmosphere I used a new flower stamp by Christine Adolph. I stamped the design a couple of times to the bottom of the layout to form a garden of my own. 

In order to have the background green and the blooms red, I used the Resist Pen to mask the flowers after I had stamped the design. When the medium had dried, I then could paint the green without worry that the blooms will turn brown or muddy when I add the red. After the first layer had dried, I then removed the Resist and colored the flowers. I finished the flowery page with a couple of embellishments and tiny planner flowers. 

If you want to see how the page came into life, please see the video below! 

Thank you for your visit today! Hopefully you're having a great weekend!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons


Unique - Prima Marketing

It's Fri-yay! Yesterday I shared my first (ever) Oil Pastel project and today I'm sharing another one, a layout I did using the crayons. If you want to see more projects using these and also a video about the product, please visit this post (link) in Prima's blog.

I’m so proud of my older daughter! She’s soon turning eight and she’s so self-confident and sure of herself. In the picture she’s wearing a fake fur collar on top of her summer hat and a couple of months ago she wanted to have a really, really short hair. Like 3 mm long. Her favorite piece of clothing is a cardigan she’s asked to get from my closet and she’s following her own path. She doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about her style choices but is happy as long she loves them. I mean realizing that took me twenty years and she got that under half of the time. 

As the topic of the page is unique, I wanted to try something a bit different than my usual “go to” gesso + mist background. Instead I colored a circular shape with Oil Pastels and wrote my journaling framing that burst of color. I really like how the pastels mix together! To have something familiar, I layered the papers behind the photo like I always do. One must have something familiar, too, don't you think?

Have a great start to the weekend! Thank you for stopping by today! 


590802 – Soft Oil Pastels
592950 – Rose Quartz 12x12 Paper pad
585440 – Rossibele 6x6 Collection Kit
586973 – Rossibelle Chipboard and More 
584375 – Salvage District 6x6 Collection Kit
570453 – IOD Sugar Dots

Materials: Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons

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